2017/06/23 Project 1 – Day 4 (101.7)

I have been eating crazy really. Zero work outs, and just fasting.
I have been eating what I want to eat but in smaller portions if possible.
And only have been eating from 12pm to 8pm. This is my eating curb.

I’ll keep it short today.
I normally eat lunch at work. Since I am Korean, my lunch consists of a basic Korean meal. Here is what I had for lunch.
This may look like a lot of food, but the meat was full of bones really. Although I love myself some pickled garlic. If you guys get the chance, make sure to try Korean pickled garlic with meat. It is very good together.

For dinner, I met a good old friend for a nice dinner course. Some ribs and shrimp.
As for dessert, we had some coffee and cake. The cake was a miracle.

Twas’ a marvelous night. I’d leave an update after the weekend. I’ll probably be skipping a few days.

The point of it though is that, just by changing a little bit of what I eat and the pattern, I have been losing weight. Amazing.


2017/06/22 Project 1 – Day 3 (102.7 kg)

Today is day 3 of the diet. I started off with “Intermittent Fasting”. I’ve done my research and I figured this would be a very good first step. I will be sticking to the 16/8 method which is to keep my eating term within an 8-hour bracket. So I could eat between 12 noon to 8 pm.

By the way, here is a photo of me before the diet. This was taken about 2 months ago, my weight was actually lower here than when I started 3 days ago.
Before the diet
figure 1 (above) : Hodge Kim drinking his giant cup of morning coffee.

Sounds relatively easy, but as for day 1 to day 3… it wasn’t as easy as I thought. I was used to having heavy breakfasts, or at least a sandwich before work. I am also addicted to coffee with sugar, but the deal is that I cut out sugar during the 16-hour starving term. Also, It would probably be a good idea to cut down on my sugar even when I’m in my 8-hour eating term. So all I had to do for the fist step was skip breakfast.

I was dying of starvation at work. For some reason time slowed down to the millisecond, and I was getting very cranky. The wind touching my face annoyed the sh*t out of me. Although, I haven’t noticed any drop in energy levels whatsoever for the past three days.

I’ll try to start taking photos of what I ate, and since for a little period of time I will be eating what I normally ate, I imagine the photos will be super sexy.

DAY 3 : Intermittent Fasting

– Breakfast –
Coffee (2 cups)

– Lunch – 12:00 pm –
Kim Malli (Fried Glass Noodles) – Small serving
Stir fried squash – Small serving
Stir fried squid – Small serving
Radish kimchi – Small serving
Rice – Half of normal serving

– Dinner – 7:05 pm –
Pork Kalbi – Large Serving
Naeng Myeon (Korean cold noodles) – Small serving
Iced Tea (Mango) – Giant cup

Dinner was insane, I did eat a lot. I even drank a full cup of sugary water that was supposed to be iced tea. Will check on the effects of it tomorrow morning.


Project 1 : Losing weight

Like 90% of people who are overweight, I found out that the problem with me is that I couldn’t stick to a diet or a workout routine. There are many reasons (more like excuses) to that. So for my first project, I will try to lose as much weight as possible.

I have done my research and I think I’ve tried every diet possible. The problem was always very clear. I was never committed.

I will start with tiny steps. Starting date is June 20. Starting weight is 104 kg(228 lbs). As you may see, there’s a tiny allowance in the dates, because I’d like to blog about it as religiously as possible. And with a little bit of allowance, I’d be able to write a more detailed blog.

Project #1 : Losing Weight begins (June 20, 2017 – 104.3 kg)