Project 1 : Losing weight

Like 90% of people who are overweight, I found out that the problem with me is that I couldn’t stick to a diet or a workout routine. There are many reasons (more like excuses) to that. So for my first project, I will try to lose as much weight as possible.

I have done my research and I think I’ve tried every diet possible. The problem was always very clear. I was never committed.

I will start with tiny steps. Starting date is June 20. Starting weight is 104 kg(228 lbs). As you may see, there’s a tiny allowance in the dates, because I’d like to blog about it as religiously as possible. And with a little bit of allowance, I’d be able to write a more detailed blog.

Project #1 : Losing Weight begins (June 20, 2017 – 104.3 kg)


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