2017/06/23 Project 1 – Day 4 (101.7)

I have been eating crazy really. Zero work outs, and just fasting.
I have been eating what I want to eat but in smaller portions if possible.
And only have been eating from 12pm to 8pm. This is my eating curb.

I’ll keep it short today.
I normally eat lunch at work. Since I am Korean, my lunch consists of a basic Korean meal. Here is what I had for lunch.
This may look like a lot of food, but the meat was full of bones really. Although I love myself some pickled garlic. If you guys get the chance, make sure to try Korean pickled garlic with meat. It is very good together.

For dinner, I met a good old friend for a nice dinner course. Some ribs and shrimp.
As for dessert, we had some coffee and cake. The cake was a miracle.

Twas’ a marvelous night. I’d leave an update after the weekend. I’ll probably be skipping a few days.

The point of it though is that, just by changing a little bit of what I eat and the pattern, I have been losing weight. Amazing.


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